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Date night 💑😍

Okan Ferhat Cakar's post on Vine

Check out Okan Ferhat Cakar’s post on Vine!

Couple days ago on April 8 it was our 26 months being together.  Time has goes by so quickly that I cant belive I have been in love with him for so long.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we just went on our first date. I cant wait to make more memories and more days and years together in the future. Irreplaceable ♥
Hi five nigga!!!!


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Collection! I need to get a different brand watch.  The next one well not be mk for sure! Promise haha
462.5 stair master + 454 stides = 916.5 
Also 8 laps in the pool and 3 sets of 30 squats that aren’t included 8]
927 calories on stride machine + 230 on stair master = 1157 total
1egg 2 eggwhites, 2tablesppon nonfat greek yogurt, and wheat toast
204 cal 21P | 24C | 7.4F

Article: BA Daily

BA Daily http://www.bonappetit.com/blogsandforums/blogs/badaily/2013/02/influential-restaurants-recipes.html

Paid Dues!!!!! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY @lilllerz  from your bro and me ♡ 
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What Barbie would look like without makeup.. [r/WTF] http://t.co/Lin3nhuY #reddit #flipboard